Let's Grow Out of the Box

The Relatable Learner specializes in providing quality education to students with unique academic and functional needs. We create programs, activities, and experiences that allow students to gain access to specific skills and concepts needed to be successful.

NEW: Parent Consultation Services Are Here!

I want to help parents navigate the academic journey of their children and provide guidance on how to approach teachers, select activities and books, and understand the IEP process. Read More about the new Parent Consultations here and learn how to get started.

2023 Winter Classes are Here!

Sensory Stories

Countless hand-crafted sensory stories are brought to life using felt materials, mini objects, and interactive music…what’s not to love?

Storybook Math

MathStart is an evidence-based book series used to engage and introduce math skills using a literacy-based approach.

Quality Education For Your Children

We’re here for the future generation. Our goal is to provide quality education for every student. The Relatable Learner understands that some students will need more help than others, and we want to ensure everyone has access to the tools and resources necessary for success.


Essential Components to Learning

The Relatable Learner offers small group sessions to address various early academic skills, social skills, fine motor and writing skills, as well as sensory support for literacy and math tasks. Evidence-based resources and practices deliver quality instruction to your child while using a direct and systematic approach.  Small group settings provide extensive opportunities for your child to observe and model appropriate academic and social/emotional behaviors.
Relatable Learning Offers Individual Support

Exposure to different methods of learning, as well as new subjects.

Relatable Learning Offers Student-Centered Tasks

An opportunity to practice skills in various environments and situations

Relatable Learning Offers Interest-Based Activities

An opportunity to learn with your peers, and share experiences with people who understand what you’re going through.

Program and Activites

Relatable Learning is a platform that allows you to learn in a way that’s comfortable for you. Whether you’re a student with specific needs or just looking to be more prepared for the future, The Relatable Learner can help.


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