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Storybook Math

Course: Storybook Math

Storybook Math is one of my favorite activities to introduce to children! MathStart is an evidence- based book series I use to engage and introduce math skills using a literacy-based approach. This allows students numerous opportunities to participate in read-alouds, picture walks, and explore mathematical operations using manipulatives and tactile resources! Math can be challenging for some; especially as abstract concepts are introduced.

The best part- students have NO idea they are addressing reading and math skills simultaneously!

Age Group

5 Years – 7 Years

Course Length

4 weeks (2/6/23 – 3/2/23)


Monday & Wednesday  OR Tuesday & Thursday
Afternoon 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM

Class / Size

4-8 Students

4 Week Cost


Areas Integrated Within This Course:

Receptive/ Expressive Language
Social Skills
Fine/Gross Motor Skills