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The most frequently asked questions and answers

Of course! The beauty of the related method is that we create a “whole child” approach. Whether your child needs help with numeral identification, social skills, or decoding; we’re here to address those needs. Multi-sensory and tactile activities are aligned with your child’s needs, which evidence-based research proves is beneficial for learning.

The Relatable Learner differs from other educational services in that we are utilizing multiple skills and strategies to help your child master their goals, regardless of their ability level.  We also utilize progress monitoring and data collection to determine an accurate baseline for learning.

Absolutely.  As a parent/guardian you’re allowed to share your child’s goals with individuals you deem fit to help your child succeed.   Our goal is to create a positive partnership with local schools, teachers, related service providers, and administrators, to ensure your child makes growth.

Here at The Relatable Learner, worksheets and paper tasks are rarely seen.  We take pride in offering a boutique educational experience with countless engaging opportunities. On a typical day, you’ll see wikki stix, mini objects galore, kinetic sand, scented markers, felt boards, and the list goes on and on! Be sure to check out our “Learning in Action” tab to view our videos and images providing a brief overview of various lessons and concepts.

No, our classes are not drop-in, they are tuition based, just like a private school. So, if you were to travel and miss school during the school year, your monthly tuition would not prorate. We are unable to fill spots by enrolled children when they miss a class; therefore, we cannot give refunds or discounts for missed classes.

No, we do not offer refunds for missed classes as we are unable to fill your spot for a single class.

The Relatable Learner currently does not offer any one on one sessions. Group sessions are conducted to nurture social skills and promote success across various settings.

The Relatable Learner is not a licensed daycare; therefore, it is not legal for us to manage diapering, clothing changes, etc. Please ensure that your child is fully potty trained to use the restroom unsupervised.

If you have a baby 5 months or younger, they can attend the class with you. If your child is 6 months or older you will need to purchase an additional seat in the class to ensure everyone’s safety. Protocols and measures since the pandemic have assisted in outlining these guidelines.

The Relatable Learner currently serves children ages 3-7 years. The ability level of each child may vary; therefore, it is best to reach out directly if you are unsure whether we can effectively and safely meet their needs. Children ages 3 and 4 must be accompanied by an adult for the duration of the class.

Safety is paramount here at The Relatable Learner to protect our students, staff, and families. Unless you are accompanying a child for a class, unannounced visits or tours are not allowed during business hours. We appreciate your understanding in order to maintain a secure environment for learning.

No, the Relatable Learner does not offer formal testing services.  We do not treat, diagnose, or identify students regarding cognitive or functional needs. However, if you have current information from a licensed psychologist which you would like to share; recommendations and suggestions from the report are always welcome in order to assist your child.