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ABC Boot Camp

Course: ABC Boot Camp

“Let’s sort the letters with straight lines and curvy lines.” A simple sorting task such as this is SO incredibly powerful to provide meaning and understanding for your child.  This course will consist of countless experiences to observe characteristics within letters and letter sounds.  Your child will explore play-based activities as we integrate fine motor and language skills within each session. 

You don’t need fancy workbooks or a costly curriculum to build strong phonemic awareness skills. Opportunities to manipulate and play with sounds can be found in everyday life! Sign up now to reserve your spot!

*Children ages 3 and 4 must be accompanied by an adult*

Age Group

3 Years – 4 Years *

Course Length

4 weeks (11/07 – 11/17)


Monday & Wednesday
Morning 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM

Class / Size

4-8 Students

2 Week Cost


Areas Integrated Within This Course:

Social Skills
Fine/Gross Motor Skills